The Process


Initial discussion

When you have made initial contact with us, we will then organise an appointment at your home.  We will discuss what changes you are planning.  We will provide design ideas and review any existing designs you may have.  This is the stage where many issues are discussed and we ask many questions.

For example:

1.What are you not happy with in your current home?

2.What are your present and anticipated requirements?

3.What is your budget?

At the outset it is important to establish what is your budget.Being a specialist in the residential design and construction sector for many years we have detailed knowledge of the cost involved in every aspect of construction.This will enable us to provide you with a realistic cost.It is futile to provide a design that does not match your budget!


Design and detailed costing

Based on our initial discussion we will provide a plan and sketch, at no cost to you.We have a very comprehensive computerised design system (which we are constantly updating).This enables you to view the proposed additions and alterations from all angles and positions.If the proposed design is complex we will review it with you, prior to a detailed quotation being provided.

The detailed quotation will include:

Labour and material costs for each tradesperson incorporating a detailed description of the work proposed and an estimate for the electrical work.A detailed price for the Prime Cost (PC) items (Bath, Toilet, Taps, Vanity Unit, Kitchen, Ceramic Tiles etc) is supplied now.You may wish to choose PC items (other than those specified); Richard will discuss your requirements with you.


Review design and costing

At this stage we will again organise a meeting with you.We will now ensure that you are totally happy with the design and quotation.Any modifications you wish to make to the design and quotation is easily done at this stage.It is important to decide on room sizes, placement of windows and doors and impact on the landscape etc.A revised written quotation will be provided based on any changes you wish to make.


Quotation Acc./written contract

If you are satisfied with the design and written quotation a signed Letter of Contract for ABC Constructions to proceed with the project is requested. A deposit of $3,000 is payable at this stage.


Complete set of working drawings

All working drawings will be completed for submission to relevant authorities prior to construction commencement. You will be required to sign documents to proceed with these approvals.


Electrical details

The electrician will now contact you to discuss all aspects of the proposed changes to the electrical system. Your existing electrical capacity will be checked. You will decide on the placement of power points lights etc. Home owners value the opportunity to discuss these issues directly with the electrician.


Specifications – in detail

A detailed specification is now provided.This will incorporate areas of site excavation, timber sizes, window details, areas of ceramic tiling, etc.


Project schedule

A detailed written project schedule is now provided.This will incorporate the commencement and completion dates.The Building Supervisor will provide constant updates on your project. You will be notified prior to any major stage such as demolition.Anthony will also keep you informed throughout your project.We strongly encourage you to contact us should you have any queries.


Final review

We are totally committed to your project being of a very high standard and your satisfaction with the finished product is of paramount importance to us.At the completion of your project The Building Supervisor will undertake an inspection to ensure that all aspects of the project have been completed to a high standard.A Certificate of Occupancy will be requested at this stage.

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