Anthony Corver

Is a co-owner of ABC Constructions.He is the Senior Project Manager and a registered builder.Anthony has over 39 years experience in the residential construction sector in The ACT.His main role is the overall management of the business.He orders all the materials and schedules all the projects.He manages all the financial components of the business.Anthony is constantly updating his skills to meet the ever changing demands of the construction profession.

ABC Constructions

Richard Corver

Is a co-owner of ABC Constructions.He is the Designer and Estimator for ABC Constructions.Richard is the first point of contact for advice on all proposed additions/alterations.He has extensive knowledge and experience in the design of extensions and alterations.  He is an Accredited Energy Efficiency Assessor. He has a thorough knowledge of all the design and planning guidelines in The ACT.He is constantly updating his design skills to meet the ever-changing residential construction sector guidelines.



The Construction Supervisor is responsible for all the on-site aspects of each project.He manages all the tradespeople and ensures the efficient operation of the construction.The Construction Supervisor is the main contact for owners.This role is undertaken by very experienced and proficient staff.

Trades people

ABC Constructions only engages tradespeople of the highest standard in their chosen field.The majority of these tradespeople have been engaged by ABC Constructions since the business first started in 1984.They have a thorough knowledge of the residential construction industry and will be guaranteed to deliver a project to the highest technical standard.