ES Development

ABC Constructions is committed to undertaking construction whilst having the least impact on the environment.  We are a member of The MBA Green Living Program, which enables us to constantly upgrade our skills.

Sustainable design

Renovating existing buildings is a much more sustainable alternative to demolishing and building a new dwelling.  We aim to improve the functions of your existing home, not just the addition/alteration.Major improvements will be made to the thermal performance by installing insulation and double glazed windows and doors.Natural light will also be improved by the installation of skylights.Improvements will be recommended to the orientation towards the outdoors.

Reducing waste

Building waste reduction is achieved by recycling practices.Waste materials will be separated, concrete will be recycled at specific concrete recycling depots.All the metal will be taken for scrap metal.Timber may be re-used by removing all nails and either given to friends or taken to timber recycling centers.

Washing out

A Wash – out area will be constructed to enable the relevant tradespeople to wash their equipment.  This will have less impact on the drainage system.


Sustainable light-weight materials may be recommended for the exterior of your residence.  We aim to reduce transport emissions by initially ordering all materials required for the project.  This will eliminate the requirement for additional deliveries on site.

Heating and Cooling

Wherever possible we aim to provide passive heating and cooling, thereby reducing the requirement for a mechanical system.This may be restricted due to the orientation of the existing residence.If mechanical systems are required consideration should be given to geothermal or solar slab heating: solar vented or heat recovery ventilation systems or energy efficient heaters.